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MountainLED is the exclusive distributor and supplier of Forest Lighting Products in Alberta.  We carry the full line of LED lighting products to fit client needs for new and upgrade projects.  Forest Lighting (US subsiduary of MLS lighting) is the #4 largest worldwide manufacturer of LED lighting globally and a publicly traded company with a market capital of $4.5 billion+ .

MountainLED offers fast stocking, delivery, and warranty service from US based warehouse to service our clients.  


We also carry a range of other great manufacturers including to meet the specific demands of your project.

high return on investment

Reduction in Power Bill:
50+% less than Fluorescent
70+% less than Incandescent / Halogens
Reduction in Maintenance:
2-3x longer life than Fluorescent
7-9x longer than Incandescent / Halogens
Standard 5 year warranty
improved aesthetics:
Update the look of your retail and commercial space 
LED Retrofit Rebates:
Limited time government rebates up to half the cost
typical 2-3 Year Return on investment
Money saved is money earned
Deferred payment plan available
Use your savings to pay for the lighting



MountainLED provides one stop project management,  supply and installation services on LED lighting for Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Multi-tenant Residential buildings.  Services we provide include:

Free Initial Assessment and Estimate

Project Planning Services

Lighting Plan and Design

Supply of all lighting and controls

Fixed-cost Lighting Installation

No Money Down Project Financing (OAC)

Government Rebates

LED lighting

All Forest Lighting Products are backed by an Industry leading 5 year warranty.  We also offer a variety of lighting by other respected manufacturers for your needs.

Contact us for a free site savings estimate and for our full selection of affordable energy efficient LED lighting.

save as you go

financing (OAC)


MountainLED offers an exclusive financing plan that will provide affordable financing to cover equipment and installations. 

Our plans are set up to allow our clients to save money immediately for electricity and maintenance, and use the savings to pay off the project over 2-3 years. 

Whatever your project, MountainLED's got you covered.

Alberta rebate for led retrofits

Energy Efficiency Alberta is currently offering a limited time, first come first service rebate of up to 1/2 off the cost of LED lighting retrofits for commercial, retail and institutional LED retrofits.  This offers businesses and institutions an unprecedented opportunity to transition into a cleaner, longer lasting, and more efficient lighting for their facilities.

MountainLED offers a complimentary service to take care of the application process for all our lighting customers. 

Turnkey Solution Eliminates Risks

From feasibility assessment, ROI, planning, supply, project management, installation, post-install warranty service, to carbon credit certification and renewal. 

MountainLED provides a fixed cost for the whole project before you start.

You say go, we make it happen - enjoy your peace of mind.

project  execution

Reduced Project Cost

MountainLED minimizes the hands touching a project and the risks associated with changes and surprises, reducing overall project cost to our clients.

Integrated Project Financing Available

While LED's can significantly reduce electrical costs, it does not always save money due to the up front investment.  Our special program let customers save money from day 1 with no money down. 

Alberta LED Retrofit Rebate Program

The Alberta government is currently offering limited time first come first serve rebates for LED lighting retrofits.  MountainLED offers a free preliminary assessment for all our customers.  

Backed by Tekarra

MountainLED is a subsidiary of Tekarra Project Services, an established full-discipline EPCM in Calgary with a proven track record. Tekarra is fully insured with all major safety certifications.


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